10 Reasons to Shop with CigarPimp.com!


1. We love cigars.

2. We keep them in the perfect setting. 70 degrees Fahrenheit & 70% humidity.

3. We’ve actually smoked everything in our shop.

4. We’re available anytime via our social media accounts. (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.) If we don’t respond immediately it’s probably because we’re taking shots of Don Julio. That means our answers should be extra interesting when we’re able to respond. 

5. We’ve been in the cigar retail business for over 15 years now. 

6. We’re regular guys like you, we just happen to be in the cigar business.

7. We only carry the best cigars in our shop. We don’t want you to be bogged down by thousands of options when most of them are EHHHH. You can be relieved that everything you're looking at is considered the best of the best.

8. We stay current. Fortunately we’re located in South Florida and we have many friends on the manufacturing side. We hear about the hottest, new cigars before they come out and there’s a good chance we’ll have them before anyone else.

9. When we buy cigars sometimes we’ll stash a few boxes away for a rainy day. This means those La Flor Dominicana Small Batch #4’s you ran out of years ago may be available here in the near future *Wink*.

10. Our goal is to provide you with the best cigar selection experience online. Our site is constantly updated, it looks great on all your devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) and most importantly we care about your cigar experience.

Pimpmaster G

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