6/25 Update

We just realized we spend all our time talking to you guys on FB and Instagram and we're not using our blog too much.. yet. We're gonna change that. Here's a quick update of whats new here at CigarPimp.com:

1) We titled this blog post IPCPR because we're SUPER excited about going to New Orleans for the show this year! We're going to try to get our hands on all the good stuff you guys have been asking for. Who knows, hopefully we'll even be able to set aside some samples that we can send to some of you guys for a contest.

2) Clothing. We love just about anything to do with cigars except we noticed something... The lack of cool cigar stuff to wear is just depressing. So we're changing that. We have quite a few shirts and hats available now and we'll be continuing to add to that collection all the time.

3) Holy Calaveras! We know the release last year was hot but damn! We sold through our initial shipment very quickly and had to re-up almost immediately. We still have a few in stock for those of you who haven't been able to try it yet or for those of you who would like to get your hands on more of them!

4) Just wanted to thank you guys for all the support. We've only been live for only 6 months and the reception has been mind blowing to say the least. Thanks again. We're going to continue to bring you all the hottest cigars out there at great prices and great customer service. We really appreciate each and every one of you.



Pimpmaster G

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