Tatuaje Skinny Monsters now available in singles!

We sold through a lot of Tatuaje Skinny Monsters samplers when they were released last year and we've heard that you guys have decided you had some favorites in the sampler but wished you could buy them singly.. wait no more! You can now purchase all Tatuaje Skinny Monsters as single sticks or packs. These are no longer a limited production item!! You can check them out here: http://cigarpimp.com/search?type=product&q=tatuaje+skinny+monsters

Tatuaje Skinny Monsters Cigars

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All Out Kings cigar is COMING SOON (Caldwell & Drew Estate Collabo) PREVIEW

We were recently able to get our hands on the upcoming ALL OUT KINGS which is an exciting, new collaboration between Caldwell Cigars and Drew Estate. Here's our two-word review.. IT'S AMAZING. Yep, this one is well worth the wait and all the hype. We documented and photographed our only sample so you guys can get a closer look at this one. The All Out Kings will be releasing very soon. Stay tuned!


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Christmas Themed Cigar Shipments until 12/25!

The holidays are here and we like to celebrate here at CigarPimp.com. For orders placed between now (December 8) until Christmas Day we are shipping every package with a special Christmas theme!! We'll even write a special note from you to someone else! (fill out the notes section with any note you'd like to send). Happy Holidays to you and yours!!! In the spirit of the holidays we'll be including a free gift with every purchase!!!

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Tatuaje Krueger Monster cigar is now available here at CigarPimp!!

The 2016 release of the Tatuaje Monster series is now here! These are highly anticipated for a good reason.. a lot of work goes into these cigars and they always shine.
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Chat feature now working (Update 10/4/16)

Hey guys, wanted to write you all and let you know the chat function is working properly now. We are able available to chat most of the time (except when sleeping, partying or other occasions). We had an error where it wasn't properly sending messages to us (apparently for weeks) so it made us look like jerks who didn't respond. If that happened to you, we apologize!! All should be working well now. 



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The Last Call by AJ Fernandez is back in stock!

You'll notice lots of new releases on the site and we've also been able to get ahold of more Last Call from AJ Fernandez!
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Cote D'Or La Tache by L'Atelier Imports is Now Available!

Last year's Cote D'Or was a real treat. A full-body masterpiece that blew us away!! This years version is not as strong, but it is more refined. You can look forward to an extremely well-crafted medium body cigar that is very well-balanced with unique flavors all around. Highly recommended for all our friends out there. Try them out!!


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Anastasia by Caldwell Cigars was just announced. Coming soon.

There is a new Caldwell release on the horizon and it goes by the name of Anastasia. Here is a sneak peak that was posted up by Hernando of Caldwell Cigars on Facebook earlier today. You already know you'll be able to get these on CigarPimp.com as soon as they're out. 


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Tatuaje Skinny Monsters back in stock!

We sold out of our first shipment of Skinny Monsters very quickly.. we're happy to announce that we have a new shipment that just arrived. These Tatuaje cigars are one of the year's most anticipated releases and they are every bit as good as we thought they would be! Here is a direct link to the Skinny Monsters: http://cigarpimp.com/collections/brand-new/products/tatuaje-skinny-monsters-pre-sell-10-cigars
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Lost & Found Butter and Panda Welfare are available right now (5.5.16)

We get a lot of questions about current stock on the Lost & Found products by Bellatto, Caldwell and Sears (formerly Impromptu). We currently have a few bundles of the Butter (8 pack) and Panda Welfare (12 pack) available. We also have a few single cigars available for purchase from each of these brands.
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Last Call by AJ Fernandez now in stock (only $5)

The Last Call by AJ Fernandez is now shipping and we gotta be honest.. we're kinda blown away that this cigar is only $5! This cigar is an incredible value and a welcome addition to the AJ collection. These are fairly small, robusto size, and I'm finding these to lie somewhere in medium/medium-full in strength. This is a no-brainer for anyone looking for an everyday cigar that comes at a great price and doesn't sacrifice taste and balance in the process. Here's a link to save you some time: http://cigarpimp.com/collections/brand-new/products/last-call-by-aj-fernandez-cigar-4-5-x-48




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New Samplers and Products on the site (4.5.16)

Hey guys, just giving you a quick update on whats new on the site. First off you should be seeing some new samplers.. and thats for a good reason. We've been getting a lot of requests for more custom samplers with great pricing. We just added a couple we think you're really going to like: The CigarPimp Certified Corona Sampler is a great buy for all the corona fans out here. Those are all on my weekly rotation! They're also available at a very nice price.

We also just added a Pepin's Greatest Hits Sampler. Pepin is the man, he's been making amazing cigars for years and we can only imagine what he'll be able to create if Cuba opens up and he's able to start including Cuban tobacco in his blends. We love pretty much anything he's ever created so there will probably be a few more custom Pepin samplers on the site soon. The cigars included in this particular sampler are a mix of some of his most popular and some of our personal favorites. 

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