We get various questions all the time, here are some of the more common questions we receive and the answers we usually give:


1). Why the name CigarPimp? 

Short answer: We wanted something fun and easy to remember. 

Long answer: We feel that the online cigar retail experience is very generic and boring.. dreadfully boring. We wanted to create an online atmosphere that is fun, informative and unique. We wanted to come up with a colorful name that would cause intrigue? This is what we decided on.

2). What are the hours your hours of business/shipping times?

Since it's an online business we are open for business 24/7. Feel free to send us an email anytime and we'll respond as quickly as we can (usually within minutes). As far as shipping times we ship Monday through Friday via USPS. To have your order shipped out sameday we request it's best to place your order before 4:30PM EST. There are sometimes where we'll be able to ship out someday if its a little later than the cutoff time. 

3). What types of cigars do you carry?

We're not interested in carrying every single cigar out there... just the best. We go out of the way to acquire hard to find boutique cigars and we often buy big on limited edition cigars so that we still have them available in the years to come while all the other stores run out of inventory. 

4). Where are you located?

CigarPimp.com is located in Weston, Florida which is a few miles west of Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. We're right here in the hub of all the cigar industry action and many times we are able to get ahold of new releases before other retail sites due to close proximity.

5). How long have you been in business?

We have been in the cigar retail business since 1998 and launched CigarPimp.com in December of 2014. 

6). How's it going so far?!

It's been incredible!! We decided from the very beginning that we were going to put our best effort into great customer service. We're cigar guys just like you are and we've ordered from some other sites out there and have been disappointed by the service many times. It should never be that way. We've been fortunate enough to make some amazing connections with so many of you guys who we interact with on a daily basis. That's probably the best part of running a site like this.